How to disable comments on your blog?

Disable comments

WordPress was invented as a way to blog and engage your audience. It is a great platform for writing and building followers, no matter what topic you are writing about. Often, bloggers want to allow visitors to comment on their blog. You may not want visitors to comment though, for whatever reason. This article will show you how to turn off comments on your blog.

To disable comments on a post or page that you have already written and published, navigate to the post or page that you want to disable comments on. Click “Edit” and you be brought to a screen where you can edit the features of this post or page.

Scroll down to the Discussion settings module. There are two options here – “Allow comments” and “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks.” If you want nobody to be able to comment on this post or page, uncheck both of these options.

Pingbacks and trackbacks will allow people on other blogs to leave a reply about your blog. Allowing comments will allow people to directly comment on the posts on your blog.

Save your post after you have made the changes.

In order to bulk edit your published posts so that users cannot comment on them, go to “Posts” and click on “All Posts.” Select the posts that you wish to make changes to. In the Bulk Actions section at the top of the screen, click “Edit” then select “Apply.” You will see several options that will allow you to quickly edit the posts on your blog. On the right hand side you will see options to edit the comments on your posts. For Comments and Pings, select “Do not allow.” Save your changes.

You can also automatically close comments on your posts. From the main dashboard of your WordPress account, go to Settings, then Discussion. In “Other Comment Settings” click “Automatically close comments” and choose after how many days you want commenting to be unavailable. The default is 14 days.

As you can see there are several ways to disable comments on your blog. We hope you have found this article useful.


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