How to build a website with Wordpress Part 8 Wordpress site maintenance

A website requires constant maintenance after you publish it. If you do not maintain your website on a regular basis, you are going to be prone to hacking, malware, and other security threats. So let’s talk about what you need to do to keep your website in top condition after it is up and running.

In the “Comments” section of your WordPress dashboard, you will see the comments that have been made on your website. People may have left comments on your blog, pages, or other sections of your website. They may be legitimate comments, or they could be robots leaving spam.

If you have Akismet plugin set up, it will do a good job of deleting the spam comments for you. If you do not, you will have to go in and filter these comments manually. You need to do this regularly so that your blog does not get overloaded with spam and deter actual people from reading and commenting.

In the “Plugins” section, make sure all of your plugins are updated. If they are not, this will expose you to a security breach. Delete any plugins that you are not using.

In WordPress, there will be a red icon that symbolizes when an update needs to be made. The alerts also show up on the front dashboard. Updates could be to WordPress itself, your theme, plugins, or anything else. It is very important to update your website regularly.

Many people want to keep track of how many visitors they have on their website. Google Analytics is a great free tool for doing this. You can sign up with your email address, install a tracking code (you can do this using this great free GA plugin), and within hours start tracking data on your website. Google Analytics keeps track of all kinds of data, such as how many visitors come to your website, what keywords they use when searching for your website, how long they stay on your website, which posts they are reading, and more.

If you feel that you cannot update your website regularly, you may want to consider hiring a web developer to help you.

Next we will discuss how to earn money on your website!

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