How to build a website with Wordpress Part 6 Customizing your Wordpress site

Customizing your website is how you give it a look that is uniquely yours. Otherwise, it will look just like other websites on the Internet. Luckily, it is easy to customize your website with just the click of a mouse.

In your WordPress dashboard, on the left hand side of the screen you have your toolbar with many options for operating your website. In the Settings area, this is where you set the main settings of your website. You will provide the title and tagline of your website, which search engines will use for search engine optimization. Set up whether you want your front page to be static or display your latest posts. Set up your blog by deciding comment and spam settings.

Your header is where you can change the logo for your website. This will give your website a customized look and let visitors know they have come across your business as soon as they visit. Easily upload a header in a .jpg or other picture format.

Your menu is able to be customized how you want it. Once you have several pages published, go over into your menu area (under “Appearance”) and you can easily build your menu using drag-and-drop. You can even do main menus and secondary menus, depending on the theme you picked.

You can customize your background for your website. You can select a solid color, or even upload a picture that you would like to be the background for your website. You can customize the fonts, font size, and colors in different sections of your website.

Adding photos is very important because it adds a visual elements to your website. You can go to the “Media” section and add photos to your media library. You can also directly insert photos into a post or page in your website.

Widgets are an easy way to customize your website. Under “Appearance”, go to “widgets” and you can see a variety of widgets you can add to your website. These are premade functionalities so you can add features to your website without the need to be an expert in web development. There are many widgets already available, including a calendar, Flikr photos, recent posts, a dropdown of categories on your blog, and more. You can add more widgets by installing plugins.

Have fun customizing your website. Play around with the different buttons on your dashboard and find out what each item does. It is easy to customize your website, and difficult to do anything too destructive. If you make a mistake, you can easily undo it. And your web host is constantly backing up your website, so you can go back to a previous version if all else fails.

Customizing your website is an ongoing process. You will always find more things to fix and add. For now, you can focus on getting just a basic idea of what you want on your website.

When you have a basic website that you like, we’ll move on to the next part of this tutorial – get traffic to your website.

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