How to build a website with Wordpress Part 4 Choose your Wordpress theme

Choose your Wordpress theme

One of the many great things about WordPress is that you do not need to be an expert web developer in order to have a good looking website. WordPress has created themes, pre-built templates that instantly create a certain look on your website upon installing it. These themes are created by freelance designers and agencies all over the world, and there are thousands to choose from. You can further customize a theme through widgets, plugins, colors, backgrounds, and other tools. Anybody can create a good looking website.

There are truly thousands of themes for WordPress available on the Internet. It is important to know what to look for in a theme before you go installing it on your website. Here are a few factors to keep in mind.

  • Search Engine Optimization: It is very important that the theme is search engine optimized. If the developer did not code the theme properly, the search engines will not like it and your website may not even show up in search results. The bad thing is, a lot of developers will say their theme is search engine optimized when it truly is not. It is important to purchase themes from popular, reputable sources that know how to properly develop themes.
  • Responsiveness: Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. About one-third of all website users are using a mobile device to access the Internet. It is very important to choose a theme that is responsive and can show up properly on any kind of device or browser.
  • Site speed: If a developer codes a website properly, the theme will load quickly. If it is not coded properly, it will load slowly and your users will have a bad experience on your website waiting minutes for your website to load. You should be wary of themes that boast about having lots of features and plugins. These features will slow down your site; you only want to install the bare minimum and add on the things you really need.
  • Price: There are lots of premium themes available that you pay for, and lots of free themes available. The premium themes come with more features, better customer support and more updates, and a less recognizable design. You will have to go through the various themes to see what works for you.

Two very popular WordPress theme options are Thesis (developed by DIYThemes) and Genesis (developed by StudioPress). These two themes are used by thousands of websites, because of their great search engine optimization, speed, customer service, and how incredibly easy it is to customize your website into exactly how you want it to look. Both of these are premium themes.

There are many WordPress theme websites to choose themes from, including ThemeForest and Elegant Themes. These are popular websites known for their selection of high quality themes.

You should spend time looking at a variety of themes until you find the one that is right for your site! When you have found one that you like, we’ll move on to the next step: choosing plugins for your website. 

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