How to build a website with Wordpress Part 1 Choosing your domain name

The first part of getting your website is choosing your domain name. Your domain name is what people will type into their browser when searching for your website.

It is extremely important that you pick a domain name that is easy to remember, simple, short, and search engine optimized.

The best domain names will have the name of your business, company, or service directly in the name. For example, if your business is Bob’s Pizza Parlor, a great domain name would be This is because search engines crawl the web looking for websites that are relevant, and a user who searches “Bob’s Pizza Parlor” is going to find “”

It’s also a good idea to keep your domain short and simple. If you have a law firm, for example, called Walker, Watson, Peterson, and Moore, you may be tempted to name your domain But long domain names are confusing to the eye, difficult to read, and difficult to remember. It’s better to choose something shorter and simpler.

There have been millions of websites created since the Internet first began, and it is inevitable that the domain you want to use will probably be taken. First, you should try to come up with alternatives for the domain you want. Many domain registration websites will automatically offer alternative domain ideas, in the case the one you wanted is not available.

There are many domain registrars where you can purchase domains. Hosting websites like GoDaddy and Hostgator offer domain purchases. You can also purchase them from websites like and Many websites offer sales on domains, so that you can purchase domains for very cheap or even get them for free. Make sure you look for sales and get free domains when you can.

If you absolutely must have a particular domain, you can look into premium domains. These are domains that are already registered and are for sale. They cost significantly more money than other domains because they have already been registered. Some domains cost a few hundred dollars; others cost thousands of dollars. You can purchase them at a domain registrar. There are also auctions to bid on particular domain names.

A top-level domain is the extension at the end of the domain name (.com, .org, .net, etc.) Because of how many websites had been created and since people were running out of available domain names, more top level domains (TLDs) were created. There are TLDs specifically for countries, such as .de for Germany and .jp for Japan, as well as TLDs for categories, such as .biz for general business and .info for informational websites.

The Internet is changing and the trend is to go away from Dot Com to particular categories. There are over thousand new extension available for registration. As an example, if you are running a vintage business, you might consider getting for domain name.

The most common TLD is still .com and you should purchase that extension, if it is available. Once you have purchased your domain (or domains), you should privately register them. When you register a domain, all of your personal information is made available to the public in the WHOIS directory. This means that anybody can see who owns your website, your contact information, and other personal information. By privately registering your domain – for an additional fee – you are ensuring strangers don’t have access to your information.

So now that you have your domain, let’s find hosting for your website. We will discuss that in the next tutorial. 

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