Embedding a video in Wordpress ...easier than you think

Embedding a video in Wordpress

Many people use text and photos in their WordPress blog posts, but not many people use video. Video is another great way to highlight content on your website. It adds visual effect that text cannot. If you need to show tutorials or the like, videos are a great way to achieve that.

Let’s show you how to embed videos directly into your WordPress blog. It’s easier than you think.

Login to your WordPress account from the backend. Go to either the post or page where you want to embed the video. You can embed videos on both posts and pages.

On the left side of the post, there is an “Add Media” option. Click on that, then click on “Upload files.” Browse on your computer until you find the video you want to upload and open it. It will begin to upload. Make sure you have “Embed Media Player” selected. Once the upload is finished, click “Insert” and your video will be directly embedded into your post or page.

Please be aware that video files are extremely large in size. By uploading videos, they will take up a considerable portion of your disk space and bandwidth on your website. This could potentially slow site speed on your website if you have lots of people viewing the same video at once. If you are going to be hosting lots of videos, you may want to invest in a hosting solution with larger disk space and bandwidth.

To work around this, it is recommended that your videos are hosted on a website like YouTube or Vimeo, which have been created to stream video. Since WordPress 3.6 users have been able to use a feature called Embeds to directly embed video on their website.

For example, go to the URL of the YouTube video you want on your website. Copy the URL. Now, paste it directly into the page or post of your website, into it’s very own line. Make sure the URL is not an active hyperlink. When you refresh the page, it will be an embedded video.

The other great thing about hosting your videos on a platform like YouTube is that there are millions of users visiting those sites. So you will get a large increase of referral traffic to your web site by using these platforms.

As you can see, embedding videos to your post or page is quick and easy. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned for others in the future!


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