WordPress Technology Themes

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  • Technology App WP Theme from MyThemeShop
  • Bold Technology Magazine Theme from FameThemes
  • Magazine Technology WordPress Theme from FameThemes

WordPress Technology Themes are ideally suited for either blogs in the technology niche or businesses such as app vendors, software designers and web development agencies. Such themes have features that are expected by techno-savvy users or are directly related to tech products, such as features, video walkthroughs and social media integration. While most WordPress themes that are suitable for businesses or blogs can be adapted and branded to suit the needs of a technology website, some themes target this demographic specifically by highlighting the app marketplace aesthetic or by being inspired by designs such as those used by Apple products in particular. Technology themes also tend to be more minimalist in nature especially if their purpose is to highlight or describe a particular app, with large bold text, and in some cases, a one-page design that segments important parts of the app or app designing company into different segments as opposed to different pages.