Stack Theme

Theme Description:

The Stack theme is a very cool Wordpress Theme, which is ideal for showcasing portfolios (fashion, design, vintage, photography, products, etc.) or creating an eye-catching eCommerce site. The theme is clearly inspired by Windows 8 Metro design. Not surprisingly, Stack is a responsive theme and works on any device. All post types comes with masonry & infinite scroll features, i.e. posts to auto load as the viewer scrolls down. While it is really a great feature, if you don't like infinite scroll, you can switch the theme to a traditional pagination.

Vertical themes are quite popular and Stack theme is one of the best template in this category, it features a fixed menu on left. This structure is the best for portfolio like topics but you can also easily build Tumblr like blogs built on Wordpress with this theme. As you may know, Tumblr is very bad when it comes to SEO, so having a great look that Tumblr blogs have and a great SEO that Wordpress has is a perfect combination for your blog. Each post format has a specific color scheme (which can be fully customized) that creates a colorful site when viewed in masonry layout.

The theme comes with full WooCommerce support, which allows you to easily add a full eCommerce shop on your WordPress site. Stack theme is designed to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, matching the shop styling with the theme design making the shop fully integrated.

Stack Theme is clearly an excellent template with tons of features and amazing look, with a quality content it can be a great choice for wide range of topics.


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