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InkThemes, based in India, was founded in 2011 with a mission to design best quality WordPress themes. In the last years, they become a global company with over 20,000+ customers in 100+ countries across the globe.

Currently 22 members working at InkThemes, they have dedicated support tem members, writers, designers, developers and administrative staff. Their goal is to build easy-to-use still best quality templates for customers.

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All themes for $147, perfect for theme developers and designers.

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Finance Traders Media
Finance Traders Media
is a scam
These themes are very very low quality and better ones are fund for free on the wordpress directory

they are a simple affiliate , they do have some themes but they are of such low quality that there way better alternatives out there .,
and they are expensive , understand that charging $60 a theme does not make it worth $60. the good products they have on their sites actually belong to other providers and they just take the affiliate fee.

the promotions deals they offer are misleading as you assume this is for what is offered on the website , but this is not the cased you actually have to do intensive research as to what is included and even after this and you paid for something it is not clear what you are getting for your money.

in short i got scammed , my advice stay away . there are really good services out there this is not one of them. there is nothing on their site Worth more then $5.