Privacy Policy & Site Information

TL;DR: We never spam, and we always respect your privacy.

FreshWPThemes uses email solely for account identification purposes and does not share it with any third party for any purpose whatsoever. User accounts are attached to email addresses, and account information such as passwords and liked themes are retreivable through email. We do not send out mailers or newsletters and will never send you any email without your expressed permission or request. 

FreshWPthemes uses cookies to remember your preferences (such as closing the top notification bar), to make sure that liking/voting systems are not spammed, and to maintain sessions for logged in users (sessions cookies are maintained until you close the browser window or log out). You can disable cookies in your browser's settings, but please note that certain parts of the website might not work as well as intended, including logging in to your account.

FreshWPThemes uses referral links on some of its external links, particularly on themes. This means that if you find a theme on the site and go to the seller's website to purchase it, depending on the seller's policy we might get a commission from the sale. We do not accept any money to choose themes or collections or put paid links in the website content. The sidebar may contain advertising based on relevance to the content.

FreshWPThemes is verified and secured by GlobalSign Certificate Authority and served by CloudFlare CDN over an encrypted connection.