Which is the Best Wordpress Hosting?

Though WordPress was once a small challenger to more established content management systems, today the software is the most commonly used by both professional and amateur website operators alike. WordPress has succeeded because it's superior in usability, features, and extensibility, and because it benefits from a wide variety of quality, seasoned web hosting companies that know exactly how to accommodate the software on their servers.
There are many hosts available to WordPress users, and many of them offer the latest versions of MySQL, PHP, and other technologies that the software depends on. The differences come down to operating system, uptime, speed, bandwidth, and disk space. To find the best WordPress hosting provider, consider the benefits and disadvantages of the most popular options.

Our top 19 list of hosting services are found below. If you are impatient, just look and analyze the table. Of course, the ranking is subjective and depends on someone's needs. All of the hosting companies provide high quality services, this is why we consider them in our list. One thing to keep in mind when you choose your hosting company: if a company states that the bandwith is unlimited, it might not really be true. When you reach a considerable level of traffic, they will send you a message that your traffic is "above normal" and they will force you to change to a higher price plan. As for the unlimited disk: when offered it often means that the hosting company will not provide high speed SSD disks but only much slower big HDDs. Personally, I like to know how much traffic and how much disk space I can use on a given plan instead of facing how limited an unlimited package can be. In the summary table the cheapest plans of each company are listed.

Rank Hosting Company WP Specific Plan Price / month (USD) Disk (GB) Bandwith / month Extras
1 A2 Hosting yes 4 unlimited unlimited SSD, preinstalled, optimized Wordpress, enhanced Wordpress security, advertising credits
2 Synthesis yes 47 20 300,000 visitors Nginx, Marketing Tools, free malware remowal, brute force prevention, Wordpress support, Genesis support, daily backups
3 Siteground no 5 10 10,000 visitors  
4 Webhostinghub no 5 unlimited unlimited Advertising credits
5 Inmotionhosting no 6 unlimited unlimited SSD, Wordpress peinstalled, advertising credits
6 Site5 no 5 unlimited unlimited Backup, malware protection
7 GreenGeeks no 4 unlimited unlimited SSD, Wordpress preinstalled
8 Arvixe Hosting no 4 unlimited unlimited Advertising credits
9 Bluehost yes 12.5 30 unlimited 30 GB backup, Nginx, Caching
10 MediaTemple yes 29 20 unlimited SSD, backup
11 Dreamhost no 9 unlimited unlimited Advertising credits
12 Justhost no 3 100 unlimited Advertising credits
13 FatCow no 4 unlimited unlimited Advertising credits
14 iPage no 2.25 unlimited unlimited Advertising credits
15 Hostgator no 4 unlimited unlimited  
16 Godaddy yes 1 100 25,000 visitors  
17 Eleven2 no 5 10 50 GB  
18 Westhost no 4 50 1000 GB  
19 VPS.net no 12 25 unlimited SSD

Learn more about these hosting companies, their strengths and weaknesses in detail.

19. VPS.net WordPress Hosting

VPS.net is a hosting provider that is committed to servicing the needs of more advanced hosting customers. As the company's name might suggest, all hosting packages offered to customers utilize a virtual private server. This allows customers to enjoy their own space on a single server in the company’s data center, giving them access to a greater number of resources as they serve their various websites to customers. The VPS configuration promotes faster page loading times and easier scalability as websites grow from moderate in size to simply massive. The good news for WordPress customers is that VPS.net offers far more affordable VPS hosting options than does Web Synthesis.
The company's VPS hosting plans start out at $20 per month, making this the best WordPress hosting plan for advanced users and larger websites. For this price, customers get a single installation of WordPress, 5GB of disk space, and unlimited monthly bandwidth. A midrange plan is also available for $60 per month, featuring support for three WordPress installs, 60GB of disk space, and unlimited monthly bandwidth. At the higher end of the spectrum, VPS.net's WP High package offers five WordPress installs, 50GB of disk space, and unlimited monthly bandwidth. This plans costs $150 per month. All plans offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, 24-hour support, FTP access, and a cPanel control panel. Managed DNS and WordPress site migration are also offered, making it exceedingly easy to transfer an existing website to VPS.net in short order.

18. WestHost

There is no specific web hosting package for WordPress users, but WestHost does note that all three of its shared hosting plans are fully compatible with the WordPress software. That's because WestHost uses the latest version of PHP and offers MySQL databases to users of all hosting tiers. The company's plans start at $4 per month for 50GB of disk space and 1TB of monthly data transfer. Setup is free and a single MySQL database is included. This plan supports a single domain name. Upgrading to the $8 hosting plan will give customers unlimited databases, 2TB of monthly data transfer, and 200GB of disk storage space. For business customers, WestHost offers its $12 business plan that features completely unlimited service. This means no limits on databases, data transfer, or disk storage.
All customers at WestHost benefit from a uniform commitment to uptime, satisfaction, and support. The company's 99.9 percent uptime guarantee offers a prorated refund of hosting charges during any month when uptime dips below the guaranteed percentage. A money-back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction during the first 30 days of account ownership, while 24-hour support is always ready to assist customers with any glitch or technical question. WestHost's technical support is available via toll-free phone number, live online chat, or a ticket-based system for more significant hardware and software glitches.

17. Eleven2

All Eleven2 hosting packages come with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, 24-hour technical support, and a cPanel control panel. Secure FTP access is also included across the board. Unlike many of its competitors, Eleven2 prices hosting packages on a yearly basis. The company’s entry-level package costs just less than $55 per year and features 10GB of disk space alongside a 50GB monthly data transfer cap. Customers can increase these allotments by upgrading to one of three higher-priced packages. At the high-end, Eleven2's S-400 package costs $384 yearly and offers virtually unlimited storage, monthly bandwidth, and additional domain support.
One of the great things about Eleven2 hosting is its ability to scale with customers as their websites grow in popularity and require greater resources in order to operate properly. Though the company’s many tiers of shared hosting will likely suffice for most WordPress users, those who require additional space or speed can easily upgrade to a virtual private server for an added monthly cost. Even more advanced users can choose to upgrade to a dedicated server, where they'll be responsible for installing software packages, maintaining the website, and administering advanced options behind the scenes. Eleven2 offers free website migration service between any of these available hosting options as required by the account holder.

16. Godaddy

GoDaddy's "Starter" WordPress hosting package costs just $1 a month for customers who are willing to pay for several months in advance. The package comes with 100 GB of storage, support for up to 25,000 page views per month, and a full slate of core features. Those core features include a free domain, automatic WordPress software updates, 24-hour support, support for English, Spanish and Portuguese languages, sFTP access to files, redundant firewalls, and up to $250 in advertising credits on platforms like Google, Facebook, and others. GoDaddy also offers a 100 percent uptime guarantee for its WordPress hosting products.
If customers need more space or need to allow more monthly page views, they can upgrade to the "Business plan for $9.99 monthly or the "Pro" plan for $29.99 per month. These packages Business plan customers enjoy support for 250,000 monthly visitors and up to 500GB of disk storage. Those on the GoDaddy Pro plan enjoy support for millions of visitors across up to 25 separate domain names as well as unlimited disk storage.

15. Hostgator

HostGator doesn't offer WordPress-specific hosting, but the company does note that its basic shared hosting plans all support WordPress out of the box. Each of the company's three plans, which start at $3.96 per month, supports the latest version of PHP 5 and unlimited MySQL databases. FTP access to files is included at no additional charge. The company's three hosting plans all support unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly visitors, and unlimited MySQL databases. The Hatchling plan supports just a single domain name, while the upgraded Baby and Business plans both support unlimited additional domains. The Business plan further enhances web hosting for business customers, giving them access to a toll-free number, a private IP address, and full SSL site encryption. A 99.9 percent uptime guarantee applies to all plans.

14. iPage

iPage splits its WordPress hosting plans into two options. The entry-level plan is fully featured, with unlimited disk space and monthly visits. This plan, at $3.75 per month, also features pre-installed WordPress themes and a customized control panel based on cPanel software. Integrated themes and popular plugins also come pre-installed with every account at this level. For those interested in more advanced features, the $7.95 WordPress Essential package offers enhanced security and control panel access, SSD disk storage for enhanced response times, and a personalized customer support portal for even faster assistance. Both packages come with 24-hour access to live chat or phone support, a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, FTP file access and a MySQL database for WordPress to use.

13. FatCow

FatCow and iPage offer the exact same WordPress hosting packages as both hosting websites are owned by the same parent company. This means that FatCow customers can choose between WordPress Starter and WordPress Essential features, with varying amounts of security, customizability, and control panel access. The company's list of features and associated monthly prices are both identical to what can be found at iPage.com.

12. JustHost

JustHost doesn’t offer a specific WordPress hosting option, but the company does offer a single, low-priced package to customers that will give them access to a dizzying array of features and capabilities. For just $2.95 per month, JustHost offers unlimited monthly visits, disk storage, domain hosting, and MySQL databases. A free domain name is also included during signup if customers require one of their own. Instant setup ensures that a new JustHost account will be ready to use just a few moments after payment is received. The company promises 24-hour access to chat and phone support, a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and a money-back satisfaction guarantee during the first 30 days of account ownership. With SSH and FTP access standard, even advanced WordPress users can get the job done at JustHost.

11. Dreamhost

DreamHost offers WordPress hosting under the "DreamPress" brand name. The DreamPress hosting package typically costs $24.95 per month, but the company routinely runs discount specials and offers the package for $19.95 during promotional periods. A hosting accounting at DreamHost comes with full management of the server as well as the installed WordPress core, making this a great option for those with little experience in web hosting or website management. Because DreamPress will administer the WordPress installation in the background, customers will likely never be required to install their own WordPress software updates, plugin updates, or revised themes. Instead, these updates, as well as server software updates, will be taken care of by DreamHost's team of professionals.
Disk storage and data transfer are both unlimited when customers choose the DreamPress hosting option for their WordPress installation. Secure FTP access to all files is also included, and a customized control panel interface is used to administer the server after the hosting accounting is activated. As a result, this may be the best hosting choice for new and seasoned WordPress users alike. Like many companies, DreamHost offers upgrades to virtual private servers and dedicated servers to customers who require added features. It's worth noting that these plans do not benefit from full WordPress management like the DreamPress plan offers.

10. Media Temple

Media Temple is one of the most expensive WordPress hosts, but its premium hosting option is absolutely essential for customers who intend to use their WordPress installation for rich media and larger websites. The only available hosting package from Media Temple will cost hosting customers $29 per month. The plan features cPanel and FTP access, 20GB of disk storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, and the latest versions of FTP and MySQL. Media Temple will also manage the WordPress installation, providing automatic security and software updates to safeguard customers from malicious hackers and common security bugs. Premium WordPress service benefits from a 100 percent uptime guarantee each month.
Though the company offers one of the most expensive shared hosting plans on the market, it's worth noting that Media Temple receives rave reviews from its customers for their 24-hour support, the performance of their servers, and the ease with which they maintain and upgrade WordPress on an ongoing basis. The service is a perfect fit for new and experienced WordPress customers, and its premium level of service will add a bit of extra peace of mind to the mix when authoring a growing website.

9. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the few companies that offers a fully customized WordPress hosting option. This type of hosting is actually offered separately from its more generic shared hosting packages. WordPress hosting is split into four different packages, each priced higher than the next: Blogger, Professional, Business and Enterprise. The package most likely require by the typical WordPress user is the "Blogger" package, for $12.49 monthly, which features 30GB of disk storage and 30GB reserved for site backups. The package supports up to 100 million visits every month.
Bluehost offers the cPanel control panel software alongside each of its WordPress hosting packages, which is certainly the most usable site control panel software currently on the market. The company promises a full refund if customers are unsatisfied with the service, and pairs that guarantee with 24-hour support and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee for all of its hosting products.

8. Arvixe Hosting

WordPress hosting options are split into "Personal" and "Personal Pro" packages at Arvixe. The Personal package comes with unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer, but can only support up to 6 additional websites. The Personal Pro package allows for unlimited additional websites while featuring the same commitment to unlimited storage and data transfer. Both packages come with cPanel and FTP access, optional SSH access for a monthly cost, and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. The company's technical support representatives are available 24 hours a day via phone, live chat, and ticket-based support for more serious technical glitches.
Unlike many of its competitors, Arvixe is a strong believer in scalability for even its newest customers. The company makes it easy to effortlessly transfer files and data to virtual private servers if customers outgrow their shared hosting plans. What's more, the same commitment to effortless data transfer applies to dedicated servers as well. As customers grow their websites, Arvixe promises to grow with them. The company's prices on higher tiers of service also allow customers to save money as they expand their site's reach and popularity.

7. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks' claim to fame is its use of entirely renewable energy to power its data centers. This means that WordPress hosting customers will not enlarge their carbon footprint by choosing one of the company’s hosting plans. For an increasingly environmentally conscious customer base, that's important. A good deal on feature-rich hosting is also important, and GreenGeeks deliverers in this area just as impressively.
Plans start at $3.96 per month and include unlimited disk space, data transfer, email addresses, databases, and add-on domains. Customers will also enjoy 24-hour customer support, access to a cPanel control panel, secure FTP access, and a la carte SSH access to their files and features. SSD storage is offered to all customers and improves website performance significantly. GreenGeeks adheres to a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee for all of its WordPress hosting customers.

6. Site5

Customers considering Site5 for their WordPress hosting needs can enjoy a 30-day free trial of the company's most popular hosting package. Afterward, this hosting service will cost users as little as $4.95 per month. There are four total hosting tiers available, however, increasing incrementally in price until they reach a maximum monthly cost of $20. Regardless of tier, all plans come with unlimited disk storage and monthly data transfer. The entry-level package supports just a single domain name, but those who upgraded to any of the three pricier packages will gain access to unlimited add-on domains.
The company's three lower-priced plans offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, while the highest-end plan offers a 99.99 percent guarantee of website uptime. Live chat and phone assistance are available throughout the day to help customers with common questions or technical glitches. Thanks to standard FTP access and use of the Mutli-Admin cPanel system, control over hosting features and capabilities is advanced enough even for WordPress power users.

5. Inmotion Hosting

The differentiating factor for InMotion's WordPress hosting is the company’s use of solid state disk drives instead of more traditional hard drives. This might sound like an exceedingly technical detail, but it actually has serious implications. The use of SSD storage allows each server to be a bit more responsive, serving and rendering webpages just a bit faster than the competition. As a result, this is a great host for bloggers with complex website designs and features like animation, video, and large graphics.
The WordPress packages are split into three options. The company's "Launch" package features two MySQL databases, unlimited traffic and disk storage, free backups, a free domain with purchase, and the ability to add one more website to the hosting package for free. An upgraded "Power" package offers 50 MySQL databases for a $6.29 monthly fee, while a fully unlimited package, called "Pro," comes in at $10.49 per month. All packages benefit from 24-hour customer support online or over the phone, with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and a money-back guarantee on the first month's hosting charges.

4. WebHostingHub

Hosting starts at $4.99 for WebHostingHub's Starter plan. This plan comes with a free domain, support for up to 10 websites, and two MySQL databases. Disk storage and monthly bandwidth are scalable and unlimited. Upgrading to the $6.99 Nitro plan entitles users to unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk storage, along with unlimited websites and MySQL databases. Up to 25 domains can additionally be parked at WebHostingHub with this package. The high-end Dynamo package, for $8.99, comes with all Nitro features but adds unlimited parked domains to the mix.
WebHostingHub is a fully featured web hosting company that utilizes the cPanel control panel system. The company also allows FTP access to all shared hosting accounts and permits users to utilize SSH for an additional monthly fee. WebHostingHub offers round-the-clock support via its website ticketing system and backs up all of its hosting options with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

3. Siteground

Siteground's WordPress hosting packages offer managed services that are hardly ever offered at similarly priced competitors. Managed WordPress hosting allows the company to take care of WordPress updates, plugin and theme updates, and server software updates, on behalf of hosting customers without their involvement. Plans start at $3.95 per month for a single website and $7.95 per month for multiple websites. The company’s cheapest plan offers 10GB of space and up to 10,000 monthly visits.
An upgraded GrowBig plan, for $7.95 monthly, supports 20GB of disk space and 25,000 monthly visits. At the high end, the company’s $14.95 GoGeek plan supports 30GB of disk space and 100,000 monthly visits. The plan also comes with "geeky" features, such as FTP access and access to many behind-the-scenes software packages and configuration tools. All packages are covered by a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee as well as a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

2. Synthesis

Web Synthesis is the premium host for WordPress customers. There are unmatched extras in their hosting plans: Nginx web server, prevention against brute force attacks, free malware removal, Wordpress and Genesis framework support(!) and many more. These features made them really the best one, we only wish a bit smaller price tag to reach the top position in our rankings. The company's plans start at $47 per month for a fully managed virtual private server with WordPress installed. This entry-level package comes with self-healing server features, uptime management, and support for customized server configurations. Total storage of 20GB is standard with this plan, and the company offers a generous monthly data transfer limit of 350GB.
If customers require a greater amount of storage or monthly transfer, they can upgrade to one of three more expensive hosting plans. These plans max out at a staggering $300 per month. For this highest price tag, Web Synthesis customers will be granted 160GB of total disk storage and an impressive 3TB of monthly data transfer. Web Synthesis offers a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee to all of its customers, and its hosting plans are backed by a 30-day, money-back guarantee if customers aren't satisfied with the products and services that they receive.
All hosting plans at Web Synthesis benefit from uptime management, making the server is far less likely to be unavailable at any point throughout the day. The company's 99.999 percent uptime guarantee is a reflection of their confidence in the server's administration and its ability to avoid serious downtime. Customers also benefit from round-the-clock live chat and phone support, a ticketing system for serious issues, and access to all files and settings via multiple control panels, SSH access, and FTP access.

1. A2 Hosting

All of A2 Hosting's WordPress plans feature support for unlimited domains, data transfer, disk storage, and databases. This makes them among the most flexible, and among the best values, for WordPress customers at all levels. The primary differentiator between the company’s three tiers of hosting service is the speed at which the server runs. A midrange package adds support for solid-state disk storage, while the high-end package features "turbo" server technology for faster page loads. These higher-end plans are most ideal for business customers and famous bloggers who require a great deal of available processing power to handle consistently high website traffic. All plans come with cPanel access, FTP access, and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. Support is offered via live chat, support tickets, and a toll-free phone number.

Excellent Hosting Options for WordPress at Every Price Point

A virtually unlimited number of web hosting companies cater to the massive WordPress community, but the options presented here are the best of the best. Whether it's an affordable shared hosting plan for as little as $3 per month, or an upgraded hosting plan on a virtual server, WordPress administrators can find what they need. The key things to look for in the best WordPress hosting plans are sufficient disk storage, suitable monthly bandwidth, and a strong commitment to customer support that will quickly resolve any problem. With these things in mind, customers can find a perfect fit for their unique WordPress needs.

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