How To Write a Good Article in WP? Wordpress is installed now what

Tips to write a better article

As you might have noticed browsing, WordPress offers a plenty of ways to publish your content in a nice, representative way. Moreover, WordPress is a very flexible surface, so this is perhaps one of the best tools for expressing yourself, for sending your message to the word, to engage customers and to tell your opinion about the world.

Of course, even the smallest piece of information can seem to be very impressive and interesting, when it comes in a nice background with a very useable design. However, only sites with quality content can be effective on the long run.

In this article we would like to give you some tips on how to form quality content to your sites, and how to make your content as readable as possible online. These 8 basic rules will quickly guide you through in how to compose great articles for your own purposes

1. Keep it short

Although WP offers several themes on which extended textual content looks cool too, it is high recommended to keep your articles short. Of course, important things require their length, but long text might look frightening for most of the visitors, who more than often use the internet sources only for a quick orientation on a certain topic.

There are five tricks with which you can have shorter articles, but the same amount of content:

  • Divide: Divide your content into parts and publish them in separate articles. (Make sure that you link your articles on the same topic together)
  • Link your site: Do not try to tell everything in one post. For example, if there is a word in the text which might be unknown for most of your readers, do not try to explain it in the main text. Use a hyperlink for an orienting article, e.g. the Wikipedia page of the certain phrase.
  • Use lists: You do not have to write full sentences or paragraphs. If something seems to be too long, then feel free, to use a list.
  • Tell it in pictures: If something can be explained visually, feel free. Insert infographics, graphs, tables, if it seems to be relevant, instead of trying to tell something in writing.

2. Divide the text

Even the shortest texts shall be divided. Use at least paragraphs to separate the parts of your texts, but subtitles and numbered lists are also helpful.

3. Use highlights

Use highlights, cursive and bald letters, textboxes and other ways to highlight the most important part of the text. Make sure, that your article contains enough information even for those, who just skim trough your text – but do not carry these things too far. If your text seems to be overloaded with different styles of letters, it’ll have the opposite effect.

5. Chose a good title

Even though some portals operate with tricky titles which charm the readers to click on, these are rather counterproductive on the long run. Although they make the readers to click on them, they are less good when it comes to engaging the reader.

Instead of bombing your readers with charmingly-sounding bullshit, use a title which orientates them. (Instead of “Look, what happens a roofless house” give the title “A guide to put on the tiles in the right way” for your tricks&tips article). This perhaps provides you less clicks on a site, but leads to loyal, trustworthy, willing-to-act visitors on the long run.

6. Link your articles together

This is a good idea to link your articles together: if you have already written something relevant on the topic, it is nice to link it into the article you’re working on. This makes the site more robust, easier to follow, besides, it encourages the reader to spend more time on your site.

This WordPress theme is fantastic for short, but closely linked-through articles.

7. Use pictures

If you need to publish a longer text, make sure you include pictures too. Of course you might not be a photographer or a graphic designer – but if you take some photos with your digital camera, and put a graph together, it is will certainly do it.

Pictures divide your text and make it easier for your readers to navigate through the text – so they do not feel it overwhelming to read so many things.

This WordPress magazine theme can be used very well for longer thext with pictures.

8. Have a lead for your article

Use the first paragraph of your article as a lead. In this part, you can summarize your topic, you can give a kind of an abstract of your piece. Even though some believes that this will make the visitor to read only this part, this rather functions as an appetizer – and makes it sure that the one who starts reading will have a good content. 


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