How to make a good page for your place in WordPress? Tips and tricks for WordPress sites of restaurants, bars, and more

Guideline for Frews WP themes

In the next few articles we try to give you some well usable guides to make up new websites in Word Press. With these post you’ll be able to design a new, robust page with quality content for fulfilling the most common demands of everyday life.

In this article, we’ll focus on the webpages of places, like bars, sport clubs or restaurants, and we’ll quickly guide you through the whole designing process from the finding out the content to choosing a theme for your site.

1. Make a checklist

Before you start, take out a piece of paper, or a blank document in your word processor, and collect the most important details of your place. For a basic page, the following data are usually enough:

  • Location (Address, and How-to-get-there)
  • Profile (E.g.: bar, restaurant, confectionery, etc.)
  • Opening hours
  • Menu
  • Programs
  • Gallery of pictures
  • About us
  • News

I there is something particularly interesting about your page, feel free to add to this list.

2. Define your audience

When you know what your content is going to be, start thinking over your ideal audience and who your guests are going to be. Is it a place for youngsters who are looking for some party? Is it a conservative restaurant for well-off couples? A classical sweets-shop where grannies can take their grandchildren? What is your guests’ social status? How they are likely to browse?

Of course, your audience might be very diverse (when this is a popular confectionery in the middle of a booming city, for instance), or, opposite of that, very clearly defined (if you run a homey little pub in a small town), but taking some time on defining what you want will certainly be very profitable on the long run.

There are the most important factors which can influence your communication:

  • Age of your guests: children (and parents), teenagers, young adults, adults, elderly, families, etc?
  • Financial status of your guest: every-penny-counts, well-off, rich
  • Location of your guests: international (e.g. you run a bar at the airport), country-wide (e. g. it is an elegant restaurant in a good location), local (e. g. this is the favorite club of the town), special (e. g. a pub for the fans of Green Bay Packers)

3. Decide what your priorities are

Once you have the category you are aiming at, you can start designing you content more preciously. First, try to find out what are the most important pieces of your contents are. Here some table to help you:




Young adults

Adults Elderly

Part of content

About us, with a description of children-friendly sercives

News feed and gallery with a plenty of photos to post on FB.

Programs Menu

Menu, and About us, to help to identify the place


Financial status





menu with prices, special offers

Gallery, About us with extra offers

Gallery, About us with all the information about extra supplies








About us with multilingual description of the place, Address with detailed how-to-get-there information

About us, menu and programs

News feed, menu and programs

About us, and gallery


These tables might have given you some ideas about what are the most important parts of your website can be. Of course, it is up to you, what you think more or less important, but here you need to make a choice in order to be able to make the next important decision.

4. Choose a design

This is perhaps the most interesting and creative step of designing your page, as the choice of your main theme comes. This is a very important step, but if you choose wisely, it can be a very good fun too.

Skim through what you summarized in the last step, and think over how your priorities look like. Will it be a long text, like About us? Will it be the menu with pics&descriptions? Will they be short posts, like news feeds and programs? If you are ready, then the adventure comes.

If you have mainly have longer text on your WordPress site, it is a very good idea to choose a theme in which you can include several images seamlessly. This Downtown Restaurant WordPress Theme is ideal for webpages with longer descriptions.

If you would like to focus on shorter post, like special offers, themes like this e-commerce WP theme are ideal.

For a youngish site with various types of post, you can use even Magazine Themes – such as Socially Viral WordPress theme – if you are sure you can fill it with creative, and colorful posts regularly.

5. Prepare your content

As soon as you have chosen the theme, you can start preparing the content. Write the textual parts separately, and save them in separate documents. (It’ll help you to remake your site if you want to change theme or in case any problem occurs).

Test your content, show your writings to your friends, send them to your co-workers, ask your favorite guests to read theme. Make sure that you included all the information you wanted to tell, that your site contains enough information so that the guests can find the place and will know what they get. (Tips for longer articles in WP.)

If you are ready, chose your visuals. Make some quality photos (it is highly recommended to ask for the help of a professional, if needed.), photograph your staff, everything you might show proudly, then use them creatively.

6. Upload and test your site

Upload everything to your domain and start testing your page. Even if it seem ready, let your friends and partners to test it. Check out if all your links are working, if all the functions go well in all surfaces and devices.

7. Release your site and look for partners

When you made sure that your site works perfectly all right, then it is time to release your site. :)

Use it proudly and spread it wherever you can. Print it to your menu cards, post it on Facebook, register it on linked in, and add your link to web-catalogues and link-building sites (about which we’ll write more soon).

It is also a very good idea to look for partners. Make cross-promotion between you and your suppliers, the bands who play at your place regularly, or the clubs, the members of which visit you.

8. Keep your page fresh

Do your best to keep your site fresh. Inform the visitors about the changes in the menu, in the opening hours, or programs immediately. Make sure, that even if your place is a very traditional one, you’ll add some new content at least once a month. (Pictures of a wedding, posts from you guestbook, or the blog of your chef is fairly enough.)

9. Do a bit more efforts

Congratulation, you have a fully functional WordPress website now. This is time to make some efforts to perform even better.

  • Make Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram accounts and post at least once a month.
  • Use a Facebook “like-box” in your code if it is possible
  • Make minor changes on your site some times: change the pictures, the color-scheme, the headings of your website sometimes, for example, use seasonal backgrounds.
  • Read on, and find new tricks and tips for your WordPress site on

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