How to build a responsive site in WordPress? Responsive themes and plugins

The word “responsive” refers to a website’s ability to be displayed on a mobile device. The number of people using mobile devices has increased dramatically, with an estimated one-third of Internet users accessing the World Wide Web with a mobile device. Because of this, it is extremely important that your website be responsive.

One easy way to create responsive design on your website is to install a theme on your WordPress website that is already responsive. Many developers today create themes that are responsive because they realize this is a significant need for websites. For example, the themes at MyThemeShop are responsive and will look great on any mobile device.

If you install a responsive theme into your WordPress website, your website will automatically be responsive and no further action is necessary.

Another way to create a responsive website is through plugins. There are several great plugins available that will transform your website into a responsive design.

The first plugin we’ll discuss is WPTouch Mobile Plugin. This is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically enables a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors of your WordPress website. It is a lightweight and fast-loading plugin.

If you have a demographic for your website that is going to be using a lot of mobile devices to access your website, then this plugin is a great option for you because it has a lot of features.

WP Mobile Detector is another great responsive plugin. There is a free or premium version available. This plugin is easy to install and creates a responsive design on your website so mobile users can have a great experience when visiting your website.

If you aren’t going to be having that many mobile users accessing your website, this plugin would be a fine plugin to use. It does not have as many features as WPTouch and is just a basic plugin.

We hope that solves your questions about building a responsive website. You are well on your way to building a website that looks great – on both a desktop and on a mobile device! Good luck.


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