5 Mistakes E-Commerce WP-site Owners Should Avoid A quick guide to a better WordPress E-commerce site

In our previous entries we gave you some quick and easy tips to start new WordPress Websites. In the past few post you could learn how to design a good WordPress portfolio, how to arrange a  usable WP site for your place and how to make a good WordPress magazine.

This article is the last in this series, and it focuses on E-commerce WordPress websites. Even though the original aim of the article series was to help you to start your site from point 0, this time we’ll focus on improving existing ideas and shops – simply because there is a little chance that somebody starts an e-commerce site without having some professional support.

Instead of giving advices on how to make a website, we decided to focus on the 5 most common mistakes of WordPress e-commerce site owners make. This small mistakes are easy to avoid, because sometimes they are rooted in the lack of knowledge about the site your programmer declared to be “ready”. Let’s see.

1. Missing product descriptions

This is one of the most common, and yet most annoying mistakes of WordPress e-commerce sites. Of course, writing an unique, original description to each of your products is a rather fussy work, and sometimes it requires an experienced copy-writer – so some of the site managers solve the problem simply by copy&pasting some texts from the product’s own website, or generate a few lines from very general pieces of information. (E.g.: This is a tube of toothpaste with which you can clean your teeth. This is recommended to be done 3 times a day.)

This is a very big problem for several reasons. The least severe one is that it destroys the image of your company. A bigger problem is that you can easily lose a very valuable part of you converting visitors: those who are new in the business.

Just imagine that you are trying to buy a drone, capable of carrying your camera. You might Google on the products, read forums, and visit the webpage of producers – where everything is written on a language you hardly understand, simply because you have little idea about “rate gyro” or “sonar ranging”.

Even though when you are selling such mere thing as toilet paper and pen, there’ll always be people on the net who are searching for a relaxing, convincing, understandable description about the products. (E.g.: This drone is ideal for carrying large cameras, or this toilet paper is brilliant to be used by your beloved boss…) Find some time to make a satisfying description, and write a close-to-the-average info about your product. This will definitely help your conversions.

2. Missing, or wrongly functioning filters

Never trust your web-developer when he says that all the searching and filtering function works perfectly on your site. Before you declare the site finished, check if it is possible to search on your products and is it easy enough to filter them. Always ask your programmer to show you how you can insert new items to your shop properly, what are the fields to be filled and how to give the data in the right way.

It often happens that the products which were available at the time when the website was launched can be searched properly, but those which were added later, perhaps someone other than those who take part in the development, are missing, or are in the wrong category.

Do not allow your developers to leave before they explained you clearly how you can change, modify, reedit you site. Keep in mind that WordPress is very user friendly and easy to work with, so if something seems to be too tricky, you should consider to change your developing team.

3. Outdated products

Make sure that you can remove or hide products which are no longer available, or at least you can add an “out of stock” sign very easily and visibly on their page. Although mentioning some of your product can allure several visitors to your site from search engines, if they find an “out of stock” message, it’ll increase you bounce-rate dramatically. That is why it is very important to able to delete those products which will never-ever be available in you store anymore.

Showing an out-of-stock message in a very visible place is very important in case you run out of something temporarily. This allows your visitors to check for similar products (a good idea to list them – at least manually, in the description), or simply just leave your site without having to start a conversion process. This kind of bounce is less harmful, than when the guest leaves forever because of the time wasted on trying to purchase something which is unavailable.

4. A bad choice of theme

Even though everything works well on your website technically, a bad choice of theme can lead to a terrible lack of conversions. It does not matter how well your e-store functions, when your site does not fit to the products in its style, in its layout, etc.

The best you can do is to find a theme before you consult any developer. This will help them to find out what you would like to see, and how it can function.

Here are some tips to choose the best theme for you:

  • Check the main purpose of your site. If it is simply an e-store, then choose a EmaxStore e-commerce theme with a clear, easy-to-see-through layout. If you are an artist, then choose a Space9 Wordpress theme with space for your introduction, etc.
  • If your product is rare or original, you might need even to introduce it beside having a shop. If it is so, then choose a Stack E-commerce theme with place for longer articles.
  • Choose a Themify responsive WP theme to enable the search from different devices.

5. Lack of shipping information and help for ordering

Most website forget about how complicated an online process is for those who have never tried it. Although e-shopping is not a new thing anymore, there still are users not familiar with the process. Every webshop works slightly differently, which might be very confusing – even for those who pay online regularly.

Consequently, it is vital to provide satisfying information about the payment process and the shipping on the site. Do not regret to invest time in writing a very detailed, step-by-step guide. This will increase the number of successful trades on your site, and decreases the number of strange comments, and complaints dramatically.


Do not let your site be out-of-date. Do not be afraid of checking the latest trends, and solutions. Follow FreshWPThemes to find the latest thing in this process.


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