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Theme Description:

Video is a unique theme from MyThemeShop. With video-centric websites such as YouTube and TED so popular, this is a great theme to be coming out. It allows you to showcase videos as the center of your website.

When visitors come to your website, they go through categories looking for videos that they like. They can vote “like or dislike” to rate the video. This allows other visitors know which videos are good, and creates a sense of community within your website.

If a visitor sees an awesome video on your website but doesn’t have the ability to watch it right now, there is a “watch it later” feature on this theme. It increases the possibility that they will return to your website at a later time, and possibly watch more videos, instead of just forgetting about your website entirely.

Some other cool features are integrating Facebook comments into your website, creating a playlist of videos for viewers to watch, importing videos from YouTube, and social media integration.

As always, the website is search engine optimized so users can find your website using relevant keywords. The theme has clean code which makes it easy for search engine spiders to crawl and makes site speed faster, which means faster loading times for your videos.

Video is a customizable theme, allowing you to change the fonts, colors, backgrounds, widgets and other effects on your site. It is very easy to change things on the website from the Wordpress administrative control panel. If you need help, Video comes with documentation from MyThemeShop and good customer support.

Video is a great theme for those of you who want to build a video-centric website!


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