eMaxStore E-commerce Theme

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Woocommerce Theme from MyThemeShop

Theme Description:

eMaxStore is a fully responsive ecommerce theme for WordPress. It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and has several features desirable for a modern webshop. It has product sliders with parallax effect, wishlists to increase user engagement, 'sale' options for reduced price items, and AJAX loading for viewing more items without page refresh.

This theme provides an amazing array of options for customizing the look and feel of the website. Social, single-page, woocommerce, advertisements, blog, woocommerce, header are all areas of the website that can be changed and adjusted from the panels option. 

In addition eMaxStore has a blog that can be used for SEO purposes and to update company news or product information. Retina font icons and parallax slider means that the theme pops attractively at all sizes. The step-by-step checkout creates an easy to follow process that reduces cart abandonment by minimizing user confusion. There is also a product carousel so that the best or trending items can be highlighted - this is especially useful for stores with a lot of items. Ajax loading can be turned off, as well as view/hide ribbons can give visitors the ability to view the store in the way that best suits them.


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