12 Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents

In these days estate agency has become more complicated than it ever was. As people tend to have far less time for shopping around or new homes, parlors, offices, a good website is vital for agents who want to tay standing on the market. The more informative your webpage is, the more likely you can sell your properties and even the first sight can be decisive. 

A webiste for estate agents shall be very sophisticated: it must be a well host of images, be friend of extended textual content, and should also be flexible enough to make it easy to fit to the athmosphere of what you are trying to sell. 

Let's see a few good examples.

Realty ($69)

The genius of realty lies in its simplicity. The full wide frames and the edgy organization of the site enures a nice userexerience. Thanks to its clear layout, the fully responsive theme is ideal for single agents with only a few properties for sale or rent, and agencies wirth a plenty of different objects and supplies too. 

The site is fully ready-to-future. Built on the most popular front-end system, Bootstrap 3 and having an extremely sophisticated retina-ready system, this site looks good on all available devices. 

The theme is translation-ready, utilizing the WPML, the most powerful multilingual plugin for WP. It has also RTL support for arabic languages.

Real Spaces ($48)

Real Spaces Wor Press theme is a godsend for agencies working with a lot of agents. It offers an pooprtunity to your workers to upload and edit their properties frontend -with such features as uploading unlimited number of images. This theme provides the opportunity of making different user levels - which guarantees a smooth work for the team.

The users' interface of the site is super easy to manage. All the most important features can be changed very easily from logos to color themes. Besides, it is also very easy to add new properties and manage selections and sections. 

Not only the editing side is user-friendly. Real Spaces enables the visitors to add properties to favourites, to save searches and use multiple filters to find what they would like to.

Real Expert ($53)

Nomen est omen - as the old latin proverb says. Rel expert is a responsive WordPress theme for those who would like to have a very professioanal website. The website comes with a lot's of plugins and additional features - for example it contains advanced search opportunities and supports front-end submission and helps the users to get through by ready-made property metaboxes.

Perhaps its coolest feature is that it is country-map based and support 33+ countries from Australia to Europe. 

Elegant Estate ($69)

Elegant Estate is a very lovely site, which comines the intimity of a blog and the professioanlism of an Estate Agent site. If you have romantic, lolvely properties to sell, then this is the best choice for you.

This theme is also ideal for those who do not like managing codes. Thanks to its ePanel, you can easily manae adds, make changes and even optimize search engines without even opening the code. The package also comes with shortcodes, which makes even the most complicated changes easy to make. 

Marsh Theme ($53)

This lovely, bright theme has a nice and easy to use layout itself. It is not only full responsive, but also has a 12 built-in widgets even in its starter pack. It offers a homepage site builder option, and advanced search for properties. The theme has 2blog layouts and is easy to costumize, thanks to the different header and background options. 

Casa - Buy, Book, Rent ($58)

Casa is a modern theme with fresh colors and a plenty of options to offer fashionable and practical supplies. This website is a godsent for those who would like to connect real estate business with e-commerce supplies too. The fresh colors, the Woo commerce and Google Maps support and the responsive desing this theme is ideal for youngish, dynamic agencies. 

Pro Real Estate 5 ($58)

Pro Real Estate Word Press theme offers one of the best visual solution among the competing websites. It does not only offer a layout which host pictures extremely well, but it is fully responsive as well and supports retina display too. The theme offers almost unlimited number of skins and several other options, such as advanced typohraphy options and a massive page builder - which guarantees that the site always looks good and organized.

The quality of coding, the massively built theme options menu and the shortcode generator makes the site easy-to-use and stabile, even if it is edited by several members, and its features guarantee that the site looks good in all cases. 

Pro Real Estate is excellent not only for advertising properties, but it is also suitabel for offering vacation rentals and it is ideal for automotive sales too.

Domestica ($59)

Domestica is a fully responsive real estate WordPress theme, with several advantages. Despite of its quite simple layout, this site offers several features which are really helpful during the everyday life. Google Maps support is only one of its characteristics - Domestica has far more to offer. It gives the site owners an opportunity to create an unque site for each of your agents - which contains not ol their profile, but alsotheir listings and properties. Due to its advanced WPZoom framework, the whole site is easy to customize and looks nice even in the most unexperienced hands. 

Small ideas, such as the two choices of layouts during the searching makes the lives of the customers a lot easier. The template has also a well useable Feature sidebar, which helps you to highlight your best offers. 

CitiLights ($45)

CitiLight is not only a visually engaging theme. It also offers several great features to make browsing the properties a smooth and comfortable experience. Advanced search options and GoogleMaps support are must-have today; however this site has even more to offer. Agent profiles will, for example, help your visitors to find the best support for what they'd like to achieve. Having a "sold label" available for the purchased properties is a clever little nicety, which guarantees a professional look to your site. 

CitiLight also supports frontend submissios, whit a pay-per-submission option too.

Residence ($40)

Residence is an elegnat, yet very compact Real Estate WordPress theme. This theme has got advanced search options, extremely good support of YouTube and Vimeo videos, GoogleMaps support and one, even cleverer invetnion. Its built-in financial calculator helps to calculate the monthly payment for the properties - this will make sure, that the customers will be able to pay for the chosen property.

Agent Press Pro ($100)

Elegnat simplicity and professionalism. This is Agent Press Pro. This theme looks nicely on all devices, and offers a robust, reliable solution for every agencies. 

4 colour themes and 6 layout options ensure that you can easily coustumize your website. HTML5 markup and responsivity makes your site to be smoothly usable and modern. 

Thanks to featured images and advanced filters apperaing directly on the fornt page, Agent Press is so easy to use that your customers will be thankful just for making searching so easy and visually charming.

Casa Nova ($19)

Casa Nova is a nicely looking, robust and responsive theme. Its biggest advantage is respnibility - once you'we installed, it'll work with a minimum of maintenance. The content is easy to edi evenfor newbies, but experienced coderscan costumize it easily too. 

As you mighthave seen, there are a plenty of ways to create a reliable, charming and  well useable template which is a pleasure to use both for your agent and your customers. However, once you have find a good template, the work is not done yet. Let us recommens our blog with further WP tips to make the best out of your WordPress site.


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