Bookshelf Blog Theme

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Theme Description:

Bookshelf is another great theme from MyThemeShop. This theme is great to use if you are starting a blog or other content-heavy website. The home page has some features that you don’t see in other themes. There is no slider on the home page, so if you are not interested in having a slider, this would be a good theme to look into. The home page has a top navigational menu as well as a subcategory menu, which is great for large websites that have lots of pages (hundreds to thousands) and need a way for visitors to effectively navigate their website. The home page features the latest posts on your website, which visitors can click on to read more.

This theme includes all of the greatest features from MyThemeShop. The theme is search engine optimized to deliver readers to your blog. It is responsive, so it will show up nicely on any device or browser. It comes packed with tons of great features, like a translation panel, lightboxes, and easy integration with AdSense and social media.

It is very easy to customize your website using BookShelf. With the click of a mouse, you can change your colors, backgrounds, fonts and more to suit your needs. The customer service representatives at MyThemeShop are available if you need help.

BookShelf is a great blogging theme and comes highly recommended.


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