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Theme Description:

Bloggie is a great theme from MyThemeShop that is designed specifically for blogging. People who have blogs need specific features to make sure that their website stays in top condition and receives a lot of readership. Fortunately, Bloggie delivers in all of these ways.

The theme features a single post layout. Users scroll to see the posts on the website. There is a top navigation menu and a right hand sidebar.

Customizing this theme is easy. From your WordPress dashboard, you can change the colors, background, widgets, fonts of your theme and more. If you need help, there is customer service at MyThemeShop that can support you in building your website.

Bloggie has been optimized for speed and search engines, so it will load quickly and receive lots of visitors from search engines. It is a responsive theme, so it looks great on any device or browser.

You can easily add extra functionalities into Bloggie such as related posts, social media integration, and Google AdSense. You don’t need to be a web developer to add these kind of functions to your website.

Bloggie is a great example of how anybody can create an amazing blog with high quality features. This is a theme that you should check out if you are wanting to start a blog.


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