Blackbird Theme

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Theme Description:

Wordpress was originally developed for bloggers. However, after becoming increadibly popular thanks to its easy-to-use admin panel, easy installation and being free or almost-free, not just bloggers but also small businesses wanted their website to be built on top of Wordpress instead of customly built or Joomla, Drupal based sites. While the blog-logic is very strong in Wordpress, it can be also tuned into a  corporate-style, non-blog looking cms, which most of the small companies are looking for. There are many cases when you don't want to write new posts each day or week but create your website and leave it as is. This is the field where Blackbird theme can be an ideal choice.

It is responsive and comes with a built-in newsletter feature, so you can grow your e-mail list of your customers. The theme supports multiple color schemes, the built-in slider is perfect for highlighting the main focuses of the business. While static pages are in focus, there is a blog menu, too, where recent news can be updated and these are also shown on the homepage.

It is not really a fresh (but constantly updated) theme but still ideal to make a small business website look professional to visitors.


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