Automax Car Dealer Theme

Theme Description:

More and more users are looking for WordPress themes for car dealers. There is no need for creating an expensive custom coded website, since Automax WordPress theme offers complete solution. Automax can be used for car dealership or as a classifieds site. ‘Pay Per Listing’ module is integratied for selling ads via PayPal. Its features include responsive layout, batch XML and CSV importing of vehicle listings, Craigslist integration.

Also, a VIN Decoder is included in Automax, so car dealers can place the vehicle VIN in their listing, and all information available about the particular vehicle will be automatically pre-filled in the listing page automatically. Thus, vehicle data is provided automatically for any car in the American market.

From a user's point of view the theme is very well organized and clear, with implemented advanced search. Search can be filtered according to year, condition, vehicle type etc. The vehicles are categorized into sport, hybrid etc. Ads can be submitted with just a few clicks. The listed ads are also summarized in a beautiful gallery. Also, videos can be attached as well. The mot important characteristics of cars can be added as well. In summary, it is a very conceptual, professional looking theme for a great price. So someone dealing with cars should stop web development and just buy this theme for just 49.95 USD.


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