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Fresh WordPress Themes brings you the best of the latest WordPress theme offerings from around the web, and provides free, fresh and up-to-date information regarding WP themes, installations and customizations.

What began as a modest blogging platform has today evolved into a content management system (CMS) capable of executing practically every need of a website owner. Thanks to its open source nature, WordPress has created a community of publishers, designers and developers around the world who are always extending the limits of what was previously possible on this platform. 

Fresh WordPress Themes is dedicated to showcasing the best WP themes and theme offers from the top publishers and designers around the web, and providing accurate and easy-to-understand WordPress tutorials for new and veteran WP users alike. 

Website FAQ

How do you choose what themes to showcase?
Most of the sellers listed are those that we have personally used, and in those cases we also try to provide accurate reviews of what can be expected from their services. As a general rule of thumb, all sellers listed provide themes that are modern in design, standards-compliant, and above all have a strong track record of offering excellent customer support.

Why isn't XYZ seller listed?
If there is a theme seller that you have had great experience with, please use our contact page to suggest them to us and we will be happy to include them! In general we love to stay on top of the WP Theme Marketplace news, and welcome suggestions of all kinds.

Why is ZYX seller listed? They are horrible!
Sorry to hear about your experience. We aim to provide accurate information and user experiences regarding all sellers listed. To this end we have started offering visitors the option to review the sellers listed on the site. Please go to the seller's page on our website and post a review so that other people interested in the seller can read about it and make a more informed decision. All registered users can post reviews directly, but please remember: you can only write one review per seller - so make it as comprehensive as possible. Also please do not post reviews for sellers that you do not have direct experience with.

Why do you only showcase premium themes?
Premium themes are consistently better designed than free themes, because premium theme sellers are accountable to their customers for security and support. Many of the theme sellers we list offer a year of free support with every theme! That said, we are not opposed to listing free themes. 

Can I submit a theme for listing?
You can suggest any themes to us from your account page. However we do not directly sell themes.

I found an error in one of the tutorials?
Please post a comment on the tutorial or use the contact page to inform us of the specific error. We will verify and remedy the error, and happily give you credit for the information. 

An offer you listed is not working?
We aim to make sure that all our offers are directly verified by the seller, and that the status of the offer ('active' or 'expired') is listed clearly on the page. If you found that an offer information had expired but is listed as active, use the contact page to inform us. If there was any fraud involved at the seller's end, please let us know so that we can delist the offer and the seller.

The theme search is not working?
Please enable Javascript.

I'm interested in writing a guest post?
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